Wad Lab – We Are Disruptors

Wad Lab is a venture builder composed of a multidisciplinary group of entrepreneurs who create, build and launch new digital businesses.

We identify opportunities. We plan. We execute. We deliver. This is for smart hard-working people focused on learning, doing and achieving great results while having fun. No bullshit. We get things done with the aspiration and riskiness of research and the speed of a startup. We rely on each other. Every day, we have new problems to solve — and new people to learn from. We treat our people fairly and give them a ton of freedom and autonomy to create something awesome. We approach projects knowing that they will be messy, uncertain and non-linear because we are innovating. We make tough decisions and minimize complexity by simplifying.

How do we do it?

At Wad Lab we’re focused on creating disruptive digital businesses by following a repetitive process and crafting an infrastructure that enables an efficient venture building process.

Our style is not for everyone. We push for performance in everything we do. We move fast to seize opportunities others haven’t seen. We’re comfortable with the rough imperfection and ambiguity of a new venture. Our team is small. We prefer a few people with diverse strengths. A factory for building and scaling up new businesses.

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